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    Qianhao Tea Co., Ltd. is a professional company integrating tea planting, production, management, scientific research, sales, cultural heritage and cultural exhibition.

    Since its establishment in 1998, the company has developed into a comprehensive large-scale tea enterprise with "three bases" (one: Qianhao tea technology research institute; two: Qianhao tea house with independent brand and Gongfu tea Expo; three bases: Qianhao ecological tea garden base, production and processing base and tea training base). After careful building and reasonable layout, the production and marketing chain of Fenghuang tea and the communication chain of Chaoshan Gongfu tea culture have been initially formed, mainly in eastern Guangdong and facing the whole country.

    We should focus on superior resources, insist on making tea well, combine making tea with promoting tea culture, and firmly take the road of quality first and connotation development. Concentrate on making Qianhao famous tea into reassuring tea, loving tea and healthy tea.

关于我们 About Us

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